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Cuban Theater Digital Archive

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The Cuban Theater Digital Archive (CTDA) is a resource for research, teaching and learning in Cuban theater and performance as well as in related fields; a community repository for important Cuban theatrical materials; and a forum to foster scholarly communication in this field. The Digital Archive includes materials digitized and filmed in Cuba and outside the island as well as resources and information related to Cuban theater, with a special focus on theater produced by Cuban communities in the United States.

The CTDA is funded in part by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. It is managed as a digital humanities partnership between the University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences and the Libraries, in cooperation with Cuba's National Council for the Performing Arts and the Center for Stage Design Studies.

Mujeres de cristal, in Miami Jan 4 and 5 at the new La Casa del T√Čatro
Huevos U.S. Premiere in Akuara Teatro Nov 16
Romance en Charco Seco in Havana at Sala Adolfo Llauradó
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